Who is not suitable for a dental implant?

Not all patients who would like to have dental implants are able to receive them. A dentist must make the decision based on a number of factors, and does so on a case by case basis. However, there are a few major problems that usually disqualify a patient from being a candidate for dental implants.
Young patients often cannot get dental implants because their jaws are still developing, and may dislodge or move the titanium screw. UK dentists avoid giving patients with developing jawbones dental teeth implants, but usually approve them once the patient is old enough if other factors don’t interfere. Pregnant women are also instructed to wait until after giving birth to have a dental implant installed. Infections that could harm the pregnancy are possible. Heavy smokers, and alcohol or substance abusers, are often refused dental implants. Smoking dries out the gums, which encourages the dental implant to be rejected or fail to embed. Alcohol and substance abusers usually lack the good health required, and often have damaged or weakened jaw bones. People who grind their teeth or clench their jaw regularly are also bad candidates for dental implants. The pressure can dislodge or shift the screw, causing gum damage and possibly cracking the jaw bone.

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